Monday, April 5, 2010

Final Checklist Before the Meeting

To celebrate Atul Gawande's newest book, "The Checklist Manifesto", I thought I would offer you a pre Annual Meeting checklist.

Flight Information
If you can, print out your ticket the day before your flight. Make sure you have your government approved ID! Also, check the airline for luggage information - you don't want to be hit with a high fee because you packed too much.

Hotel Information
Did you receive your confirmation number for your hotel stay? If not, call and request one and keep it with you. Also you will want to know directions to the hotel (driving from home or the airport) and you will want to get directions from the hotel to the conference center. I use Google Maps for all my direction needs

Annual Meeting Confirmation
Did you receive your confirmation email from AONE? If not, you can contact the AONE Registration Bureau at 301-694-5124 or emailed to Should you have questions you can also contact customer service at 800-974-3084 or 847-996-5876.

Make sure your luggage meets the airlines requirements and leave some room - you'll need it to take back all the great stuff you will accumulate at the meeting.

Car Rental
Do you have your rental confirmation? Keep it with you.

Program Planner
Have you completed the online program planner? If not, you can still access it here.

Program Guide
The Annual Meeting Program Guide is now available online. Read it here.

Tech Gear
Make sure if you are bringing a laptop you have your power source and a good secure bag. If you are really security conscious, bring a Kensington Lock. You will also want to bring your cell phone charger and an extra battery - you will be a sending out lots of tweets about your adventures at the meeting. Did you pick up an iPad on Saturday? If so -- BRING IT -- I want to see it!! If your cell phone doesn't have a camera (or a good one), you'll want to bring a digital camera so you can share your experiences when you get home and remember the great time you had at the Annual Meeting.

And now for the really tech savvy people... We will have session abstracts and the business meeting book available for Kindle, eReader, Nook, and iPhone. If you want to download more info about the concurrent sessions, posters, and the business meeting, you can get instructions and the files on-line at the meeting.

I trust this checklist will help you prepare for our meeting this week. See you soon.

Be well.
Mark Ambler, RN

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