Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a Terrific Start to the Conference!

Siemens is so pleased to have once again sponsored the keynote address at AONE. The selection of David Whyte could not have been better and I hope you enjoyed his session as much as I did! He shared with us his tremendous insight and encouraged us to step back and reflect on aspects of our life and vocation - something we all need to do. What an inspirational start to the conference!

Coming from Pennsylvania and a graduate of Penn State University I really enjoyed Donna Haven's session this afternoon on 'Promote Desired Outcomes'. It was wonderful to learn about support for her work from many communities know well. Donna's research provides leadership with valuable information about programs that lead to excellent professional practice and patient care! Very promising and much can be learned from the work of her group.

As last evening came to an end I was honored to attend a reception for our international colleagues in support of the newly established AONE International Institute. It was wonderful to connect with our international nursing colleagues and it is so exciting to be a part of this exciting program looking to connect AONE's programs with our international partners promoting education and development of nursing leaders. We applaud Gladys Mouro, from the University of Beirut, for her vision and willingness to collaborate with nursing leaders in the middle east to promote the mission of AONE.

It was a tremendous day and I am looking forward to another just as exciting day today!

Gail Latimer
Siemens Medical Solutions, USA

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