Thursday, April 28, 2011

Future Care Delivery

Welcome to the AONE Future Care Delivery Blog! Starting in May, members of AONE’s Future Patient Care Delivery Committee will be blogging about issues that face nurse leaders as we continue to confront challenges to providing safe and reliable patient care now and into the future. The bloggers will be highlighting topics included in the AONE Guiding Principles for Future Care Delivery and Toolkit for Future Care Delivery.

I invite you to read these blogs and use them to stir up discussion among your colleagues and fellow AONE members about how we can begin today to impact and prepare for the future. I’m looking forward to participating in some great discussions and connecting with many of you via this blog site in the months to come!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog for Gail Latimer, Siemens CNO

AONE 2011 is off to a terrific start! As the current President-elect of the Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders, yesterday I participated in the AONE Chapter Leaders meeting. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the wide-range of nursing efforts underway across the country and hope to bring back some new and innovative ideas for my local nurse leader colleagues. We at Siemens were very proud to sponsor this morning's amazing and inspiring keynote presentation featuring Roger Nierenberg and The Music Paradigm. It certainly challenged us to look at things differently and provided a new perspective as we consider how to model leadership styles for success. And lastly, many of you may know that my sister Patty has joined me this year for AONE. She is a true "shopper" and yesterday "scored big" with a beautiful piece of jewelry from one of the local boutiques here in San Diego! For those of you that love a little retail therapy the opportunities in San Diego are endless!

Unparalleled Opening Session

From Joan Shinkus Clark: At the opening session of the AONE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, attendees were invited into a room with a seating arrangement in the round, interwoven with symphonic instruments in sections throughout the room. Soon, the orchestra conductor, Roger Nierenberg stepped up to the podium and began conducting beautiful symphonic music, and while he put all attendees under the spell, he began to teach us lessons about leadership in organization, using the analogy of the orchestra and the role of the conductor. We learned about the importance of listening, being a coach and a mentor, thinking a half beat ahead but being present in the moment, and how every single person's role adds to the synergy that occurs when we all hear beautiful music. The lessons learned were invaluable and helped to remind us of the important role of the leader in bringing out the potential of staff in our organizations. Everyone I spoke with absolutely loved the session and the Maestro's book immediately sold out in the Leader Book Store on site. When asked how he came to making these presentations to organizational leaders, the Maestro said that he felt that the love of classical music was being lost. He simply wanted to have more people experience the symphony. I for one, will have new energy and appreciation of the symphony and I know we all want to thank the Maestro for a fantastic opening session.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exhibit Hall - Donna Poduska and Rob Rose

The ribbon cutting ceremony was off to a great start with Cheryl Hoying cutting the ribbon. The newly designed Passport to Prizes charted the way to a successful exhibit hall. Our partners were excited to demonstrate their products and services and we were excited to get our books stamped. Check out the Passport Prizes in the center of the exhibit hall, you will surely be motivated to complete the book. Don't forget that passports have to be turned in by 1:30 on Friday and you need to be present to win! We would like to thank our exhibitors who have generously supported the Passport to Prizes and all our exhibitors who participate in our annual meeting. We appreciate their support.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free fallin' into apps

I am a huge “i” fan. I love iPods and iPhones – and covet anyone with an iPad. When AONE first decided to create an app for the annual meeting I was very excited.

My favorite section of Mobile Meeting is the “My Schedule.” From the general “Schedule” section of the app, you can browse the different sessions and then click the + sign at the top right corner. It is then magically added to “My Schedule.” When you are walking from session to session, you have everything you wanted to go to in one spot. It links to the time, room and speakers.

It was also a lot of fun to develop the app. I got to work with Apple and learned the true (and complex) process of creating an app. I was multi-tasking on my way home during the testing period. I had my iPhone, cup of tea and book all in my hands. As I stepped onto the train my phone fell over 50 feet (from the top of the ‘el train platform, through the tracks and all the way to the middle of the street)! But, amazingly enough, the screen wasn’t cracked, the battery wasn’t smashed and I was still able to continue testing the app on my way home. The sad part is, the next day the antenna died…

But do not worry, I got a replacement and the app has been fully testing and is ready to go. I hope you like the app as much as I do. Shoot me an email ( with any feedback you have or visit me at the AONE booth in the exhibit hall or LeaderShop.

And, if you have any questions about the app, we have a help desk right outside the LeaderShop. Jay will be able to help you download it and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Happy app-ing!

--Alyse Kittner AONE membership manager

Sunny San Diego

To all you AONE annual meeting attendees get ready for a wonderful location! The convention center is located right near the bay and the views are wonderful. Lots of great restaurants and shopping so bring your credit cards. I hope to see many of you at the pre-conference session on Wednesday, there are some great topics and for those that want to brush up their resume and interview skills there is a session for that too. First time attendees on behalf of the Board of Directors we welcome you and invite you to the New Member and First time Attendee Reception Wed night. Safe travels and see you soon!! Rob Rose, Region 1

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charting My Course - Rob Rose Region 1 BOD

Cannot believe the AONE annual meeting is almost here, it seems like yesterday I was blogging from Indiana. I am sure by now your travel arrangements have been made, and like me you are trying to to clear your desk before you leave. This year's annual meeting looks to be even more exciting than last year, if that can be possible. I cannot wait to hear our opening keynote speaker: The Music Paradigm with Roger Nierenberg! The breakout session will also have such pertinent and timely subjects, it will be hard to choose which ones to go to. Our exhibit hall and passport to prize program is a must and every year I get excited to see if I win one of the great prizes... and never do... but this year is my year, I can feel it!! As most of you know, I am the Board of Directors networking expert and look forward to dancing with all of you at our President's Welcome Reception. See you in Sunny San Diego :) - Rob Rose