Friday, April 15, 2011

Unparalleled Opening Session

From Joan Shinkus Clark: At the opening session of the AONE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, attendees were invited into a room with a seating arrangement in the round, interwoven with symphonic instruments in sections throughout the room. Soon, the orchestra conductor, Roger Nierenberg stepped up to the podium and began conducting beautiful symphonic music, and while he put all attendees under the spell, he began to teach us lessons about leadership in organization, using the analogy of the orchestra and the role of the conductor. We learned about the importance of listening, being a coach and a mentor, thinking a half beat ahead but being present in the moment, and how every single person's role adds to the synergy that occurs when we all hear beautiful music. The lessons learned were invaluable and helped to remind us of the important role of the leader in bringing out the potential of staff in our organizations. Everyone I spoke with absolutely loved the session and the Maestro's book immediately sold out in the Leader Book Store on site. When asked how he came to making these presentations to organizational leaders, the Maestro said that he felt that the love of classical music was being lost. He simply wanted to have more people experience the symphony. I for one, will have new energy and appreciation of the symphony and I know we all want to thank the Maestro for a fantastic opening session.

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