Tuesday, April 12, 2011

free fallin' into apps

I am a huge “i” fan. I love iPods and iPhones – and covet anyone with an iPad. When AONE first decided to create an app for the annual meeting I was very excited.

My favorite section of Mobile Meeting is the “My Schedule.” From the general “Schedule” section of the app, you can browse the different sessions and then click the + sign at the top right corner. It is then magically added to “My Schedule.” When you are walking from session to session, you have everything you wanted to go to in one spot. It links to the time, room and speakers.

It was also a lot of fun to develop the app. I got to work with Apple and learned the true (and complex) process of creating an app. I was multi-tasking on my way home during the testing period. I had my iPhone, cup of tea and book all in my hands. As I stepped onto the train my phone fell over 50 feet (from the top of the ‘el train platform, through the tracks and all the way to the middle of the street)! But, amazingly enough, the screen wasn’t cracked, the battery wasn’t smashed and I was still able to continue testing the app on my way home. The sad part is, the next day the antenna died…

But do not worry, I got a replacement and the app has been fully testing and is ready to go. I hope you like the app as much as I do. Shoot me an email (akittner@aha.org) with any feedback you have or visit me at the AONE booth in the exhibit hall or LeaderShop.

And, if you have any questions about the app, we have a help desk right outside the LeaderShop. Jay will be able to help you download it and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Happy app-ing!

--Alyse Kittner AONE membership manager


  1. This app is working really well so far! A great way to go to a conference paperless style!!

    Mimi Ryan

  2. Alyse - As iPhone app developers for Nursing workflow and point of care communications, and new AONE members, we here at Voalte (the guys in pink pants) were both surprised and delighted to hear of the availability of the app, and applaud your promotion of the technology throughout the Expo. Please let us know how we can assist your team and you in the evolution of this tool.

    Brad Gellman