Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm ready for Indy!

I just finished packing for Indy (a day earlier than normal) - OK too much info...One thing I do know for sure is that I am carrying less paper with me. I uploaded the program planner to my calendar which is on my blackberry. For those that have kindle - you can send sessions, abstracts and posters to your kindle. I also created "My Briefcase" account to plan my itinerary. Once signed in, you can check your profile and update it if need be. I created “My Expo Plan”. This is so easy to do -- just browse through the online tradeshow floor plan and create a list of exhibitors you wish to visit. Each online booth has a button that says "Add to My Expo Plan". Click there and it will be added to your personalized plan. Many exhibitors have there contact information available - click on the exhibitor and a screen will come up with there information. This is a great way to plan you time. You can make arrangements to meet with them if there is something or someone you want to spend some time with learning more about. All this can be accessed to your e-briefcase. The bigger issue is “DO NOT” lose your password. If you are anything like me and are forgetful, just place your email address in the space provided and they will send it to you. OK, I will admit, I needed to do that, but now I have my password on my blackberry for future use. Last but not least, do not forget the airline carry on rules -- check out the TSA website if you need a refresher. It makes traveling and getting through security much easier. Safe travels all and see you in Indy soon.

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