Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Day at the AONE Meeting

Today was a great start of the Annual Meeting & Exposition. The opening ceremony began with a short video that enticed the audience. Since we are in Indy, it was fitting to see a video that opened with someone donning racing gear - with an auspicious helmet with the label #1. Soon we noted that the driver, walking to the car, was wearing high heels. "What is this," we asked. The drive then took the car around a lap which ended in the winner's circle. And who got out of that car? It was Pam Rudisill, President of AONE!!! Pam then walked on stage and welcomed all the leaders to the opening of the meeting. She delivered a riveting talk.

Next, Donna Herrin, immediate past President, presented Tim Porter O'Grady with the Lifetime Achievement Award. A very deserving Dr. Porter O'Grady then spoke. He graciously accepted the award but questioned its underlying meaning. He asked Pam Thompson if this award was the sunset of Tim Porter O'Grady - the outspoken nursing leader. He was assured that this was not the sunset; instead it was a new beginning. And with that caveat, he accepted his award followed by laughter from the crowd. As always, Tim provided the attending leaders with insight and humor.

Finally, the opening ceremony ended with the introduction of David Whyte, poet, author, and leader of leaders. He excited the audience with a woven story of how leaders need to seek out their fears by engaging in courageous conversations. What a wounder way to learn about leadership. David not only held our attention with stories but also with fascinating poems both personally written and also recited from the greats like Shakespeare and Frost.

And now the sessions...

My next post will be about the concurrent sessions. I wish I could have listened to all of them.

Before those sessions I did visit the Exhibit Hall. I met many of our great sponsors and vendors as well as visiting with distant friends.

Be well.
Mark Ambler, RN
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