Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organizing Your Trip Plans is Easy!

If you are like me you want to plan and re-plan your trip and keep an eye on your itinerary. I have found a great site to help you with your trip plans - it is called Tripit. You can set up a free account and then forward your travel confirmation emails to You will receive a well organized confirmation message back with helpful links. You can then go into the web based application to set up your hotel and/or car rental information. You can access this information from the web or your smartphone (there is an App for that).

Do you want to know where are the best places to eat in Indianapolis but don't want to rely on the hotel staff? Why not ask the locals via social media? Visit the site ForWhere. This site will find your location and allow you to "listen in" on what people are saying on the social media site FourSquare. It maps out comments about all the hot spots. Did someone say lobster?!?

Be well.
Mark Ambler, RN
Twitter: MarkInfoRN

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