Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carol Reineck blogs from India

Greetings from the AONE nurse delegation trip to India!

Carol Reineck heard about my previous blog entries and wanted to share a few things. Here is a special post from Carol:

India is a land of contrasts. Today we rode in rickshaws through the wedding market in Old Delhi and saw tangles of electrical wire, a cacophony of sellers, and smelled the incense mixed with Indian food cooking. Later, in contrast, we visited a maker of Indian rugs who explained an intricate, orderly design system, painstaking exact processes of weaving and knotting, and the family-centered nature of this beautiful endeavor.

In India, chaos and order are weaved into a bustling, active and free market economy that works.

The health system application draws on these contrasts. Our visit with the government health system yesterday introduced us to the uneven mix of traditional medicine and Indian medicine. This mix provides for increased access to care. The order we observed was the fact that the Indian Nursing Council sets standards for a consistent syllabus in all government schools of nursing, similar perhaps to the AACN Essentials.

Thank you Carol!

Here delegate Verena Briley-Hudson enjoys a bumpy rickshaw ride through the streets of Old Delhi.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with a Jaipur-based hospital in the Fortis Health System. After having met their counterparts in New Delhi, we have high expectations of the dialogue for tomorrow.

Alyse Kittner
AONE membership manager

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  1. Enjoying the daily blogs from India and hearing from Carol Reineck and seeing Verena in the rickshaw. I am finding the spirit of collegiality as an indication of how the spirit of nursing transcends cultures.