Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maulana Azad Medical Center and Medanta Medicity

Morning - it is 7am here - I have no idea what time it is in the states...

We began yesterday at the Maulana Azad Medical Center and associated hospital complex, including the Maulana Azad Medical College - a publicly run hospital. Coordinated by Dr. Suneela Garg, AONE delegates were lead through presentations about the Health Workforce in India, the public health system and how it differs from private hospitals and systems, a comparison of health care issues in India and the United States, an overview of the health care finance system, and a review of the current nursing care scenarios and future prospects.

These were very detailed and informative presentations that will be posted on the website. There was one aspect of the presentation by Mr. T Dilip Kuman, Nursing Adviser to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and President of the Indian Nursing Council (INC) that the delegates found very interesting. There is the one syllabus used for each of the nursing education programs. This syllabus is created by INC and used in all public/governement nursing colleges in India. We hope to collect more information about the syllabus used.

From there we traveled about an hour to the brand new private hospital complex Medanta Medicity. Medicity opened just two months ago. Their vision is, "Excellence in patient care through education and clinical practice." - something we all strive for. We had the pleasure of touring the new facility with Mrs. Vijayakshmi Banerjee, Chief Nursing Officer. We were also able to meet the man who made Medanta Medicity possible, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director. It was a great honor to dialog with both prestigious professionals.

Today we are going to tour the "heart" of Old Delhi. We will be going to Raj Ghat, the simple memorial to the legendary hero Mahatma Gandhi and taking a rickshaw ride to view the Red Form and the Mosque of Friday, the largest mosque in India. I am personally very excited to ride the rickshaw. I have been seeing them buzz around. Driving in Delhi has been an experience in Chaos Theory - I can't wait to get out of the bus and experience it first hand! I will be taking pictures, but they may be a bit blurry. The rickshaws weave in and out of traffic pretty quickly!

Alyse Kittner
AONE membership manager

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