Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving India

We are on the bus heading back to Delhi from Agra. We have been graced with such great weather for our whole trip. Everywhere we went people said how great it was to have us, as we brought good weather with us. Last night it started to rain. This morning it cleared up for exactly two hours so we could visit the Taj. Now we are on the bus to the airport and there is a downpour.

It is making the drive a bit bumper, much muddier and a lot longer. But I look at this as a positive omen. India wants us to stay.

We have met wonderful nurses and doctors and seen the amazing work they are doing. We have been able to learn from each other and are working to establish longer partnerships. We have done things I never thought I would, like riding an auto rickshaw, known locally as a Tuktuk.

So many of the customs in India may seem antiquated or just superstition. But there are not – they are rooted in truth and reason. Cows lay in middle of the road because the traffic keeps the flies away. One reason why some men wear turbans with a long tail down the back is because when they ride horses it can be used to cover their mouth. And I truly believe it is raining now because India wants us today.

Is it coincidence or destiny? As it was said on the first day of our trip – it was destiny, because nothing happens without a purpose.

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