Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last day of another fantastic ANLI session!

I am blogging live from the final day of the Nashville ANLI! Yesterday was a full day of conflict management, budgeting, safety and quality. Role playing allowed the practical application of the conflict modes. Dave introduced us to the "the really good nurse....but" and everyone in the room seemed to know or work with one. One scenario had the nurse manager talking with "the really good nurse...but". The attendees discussed whether "the really good nurse...but" was really a good nurse if teamwork fell apart or morale suffered when she was scheduled. After that discussion options for conflict management changed. A great discussion with some unexpected solutions.

Budgeting introduced FTE planning using average daily census, hours per patient day and "mose" time. (You will have to come an ANLI or ask someone who has been to one to find out what "mose" time is!!!). Safety and quality rounded out the day. A celebration reception set up out final evening in Nashville and an evening on Broadway.

We added "open mic" into the agenda at the suggestion of the attendees; giving them an opportunity to ask the faculty and each other questions and get more information about key issues. A very successful session and we will incorporate into the ANLI agenda.

Pam is wrapping up the behavioral interviewing session and I need to get ready for my role playing. I will be interviewing an applicant. It is always a surprise who shows up for the interview. I"ll let you know how it goes.

Pam showed up for the interview a great candidate but her "helicopter dad" also showed up! It added just the right amount of humor and a possible true life scenario.

We are wrapping up after a review of the 9 elements of a healthful work environment and cautioning us all to return as shuttles and not rockets.

The attendees are leaving with so much and so am I.

M.T. Meadows
AONE director of professional practice

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