Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ANLI - Nashville: Day 2

The second day of ANLI - Nashville started with the traditional selection of a word by the faculty and one of the attendees. I drew the word willingness from the bowl. The power of willingness was evident throughout the day as the group of 48 attendees from a rich variety of backgrounds and experiences shared the powerful ANLI experience.

Day 2 began with an Insight Inventory presentation by Pam Thompson where attendees explored their styles based on the tool they had completed the night before. I followed with a presentation on creating a collaborative culture between nursing and support services. Most attendees indicated that their organizations have included support services in shared governance at their institutions. I followed that presentation with one on delegation.

After a "taste of Tennessee" for lunch, the afternoon resumed with a presentation on work-life balance. A robust discussion took place about privacy and professional boundaries in the context of social networking.

The day ended with what can only be described as a powerful session on Calling a Circle. I was amazed that a group of people who met just a little over 24 hours before can create a safe place where professional and personal concerns can be shared. I have been privileged to see it work at two ANLI sessions now -- it's simply incredible!

Day 3 is about to begin...more bloggin' tonight or in the morning.

Best regards,

David Marshall, RN
AONE Board - Region 7

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