Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Future Patient Care Delivery Committee: Innovation and Future Trends

Do you publish most everything electronically instead of on paper, have a Facebook presence within your practice setting, know the latest apps for enabling efficient workflow at the bedside or communicate real time via SharePoint and twitter with your nurses? Despite the protests, barriers and challenges to each of those innovations in practice, they are rapidly moving from innovative ideas to assumed practices by our millennial nursing workforce.

How can you discover what is needed to cope, plan and deal effectively with the rapid changes in care delivery models, reimbursement value engineering, the volume and speed of leadership transitions and the need to completely reinvent how we provide care? To start, every nurse executive must have critical knowledge of emerging trends and learn to navigate changes real-time. Moving from dealing with the rapid changes that are faced regularly to incorporating complex and fast changing trends into strategy is quickly becoming a core competency.

In April, Dr. James Canton, CEO, Institute for Global Futures posted the four futures that will shape medicine: prediction, personalization, prevention and promotion. These futures are already influencing the practice of nurse executives, requiring infrastructure creation in the practice environment to produce innovations and rapid change. Several references in the AONE Future Care Delivery Toolkit describe the context in which Chief Nurse Executives must create innovation in practice to support the futures of healthcare.

The toolkit provides a thorough and efficient framework for gaining critical knowledge of important TRENDS:
T – Technology-enabled innovations are driving the game changing disruption that is producing the solutions to reinventing healthcare delivery.
R – Re-inventing health care will require rapid dissemination of successful exemplars and, in turn, rapid cycle change in all practice areas.
E – Ensuring quality and safety are at the core of care delivery is imperative.
N – Nurse executives must be transformational leaders to produce organizational innovation.
D – Disruptive innovation will produce new products of medical care at much lower cost.
S – Skills are required for managing innovation and ensuring the presence of high-level innovation within all practice areas.

Stay closely tuned to this blog, the Future Care Delivery Toolkit and AONE, because it won’t be long that the answer to your question about innovation and future trends for the nurse executive will come with one simple answer: There’s an app for that!

Lamont M. Yoder, MSN, RN, MBA, NEA-BC, FACHE

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