Monday, May 23, 2011

AONE TCAB Meeting May 16-18, 2011

The city of Minneapolis welcomed 28 AONE TCAB hospital teams last week with sunshine and weather in the mid-60’s – lovely! It was the fourth and final face-to-face meeting for the AONE TCAB hospital teams, who have been on the TCAB journey with us since August 2009. Two hospitals from this AONE TCAB cohort, Abbott Northwestern and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, opened their doors to us and hosted wonderful site visits for the group on Monday afternoon, the 16th. Both of the TCAB units at these hospitals welcomed us and gave us some behind-the-scenes opportunities to see some newly opened and even some soon-to-be-opened areas. It was a great afternoon for everyone. Thank you to Abbott and Gillette for being such gracious hosts!

At this meeting, we had an array of phenomenal presenters who shared their expertise with the teams. Claudia Perez from the Seton Family of Hospitals in Austin spoke about spread and sustainability of TCAB. Maureen White, Chief Nurse and Senior VP at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New York, offered an excellent perspective about connecting the work of TCAB with the future of health care and the IOM Report on the Future of Nursing. Rosemary Gibson, author and consultant from Arlington, VA spoke about linking the work of TCAB with the concepts of patient safety and just culture. The nurse managers, who met as a small group on May 18, heard from Deborah Washington, director of patient care and diversity at Massachusetts General Hospital, about the critical importance of diversity and TCAB leadership.

They also participated in a session with Debra Gerardi, RN, JD, MPH, on resolving conflict using engagement and self-nurturing. AONE is truly fortunate to have such a cadre of experts who challenged the teams to think beyond their TCAB unit to some of the larger issues confronting all health care professionals.

Not only was this the final meeting of this AONE TCAB cohort that began in August of 2009, but it was the last meeting where AONE would be using the “TCAB” name. As many of you know, AONE has developed its own program, based on the principles and processes of TCAB, called the Center for Care Innovation and Transformation or C-C-I-T for short, and we have 47 new hospitals enrolled. Applications for the 2012 cohorts will be available Fall 2011 at

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