Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From the hospital side of things...

Skillful. Efficient. Compassionate. That's how I see nurses.

As the marketing communications manager of AONE, my life is played out in an office environment and not in a clinical setting. However, I recently had an outpatient surgical procedure that put me on the hospital side of things. That's right ladies and gents, I had a bunionectomy!

Those who know me know I am squeamish and a big baby when it comes to anything medical-related - just ask my colleagues! Having worked at AONE in the company of strong and formidable nurse leaders, I thought... OK, now I will see the front line of nurses in action... and I can report back my experience.

My foot surgeon and anesthesiologist were assisted by a scrub nurse and rotating nurse, both of whom ROCKED! From the moment I arrived, they were totes compassionate and calmed my nerves. I watched Nina, my scrub nurse, prepping my foot with efficiency and careful attention- not one movement was superfluous! Stephanie, my rotating nurse, also moved with precision, and at one point tricked me into a conversation as the anesthesiologist inserted the IV into my hand. Ah, the power of diversion!

All in all, through prep, surgery and recovery, I knew I was in capable and expert hands because of these awesome nurses!

I know this blog isn't groundbreaking or anything you didn't know, but I wanted to share my experience and take the opportunity to say thanks to all the nurses in my life- for all that you do.

So... how do YOU see nurses? If you have a similar story of appreciation you would like to share, please send my way to and I'd love to pass along to the AONE membership.

Have a great day! Eric

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